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Covid-19 News Update - 4 January 2022


In advance of the return to school by all pupils on Wednesday 5 January, the Principal, Miss Toner has written to all parents to provide an update on the current guidance and regulations regarding the Corona Virus.

Close Contacts of COVID 19 Updated Info 4 Jan 2022

Covid 19 Update Info for Parents 4 January 2022

Positive Covid Test Information for Parents

Letter from Prof Sir Michael McBride to Parents, Pupils and the school community - 10 September 2021

Parental Flowchart Close Contacts in School Settings

Letter from the Minister - 26 August 2021

Full Return To School - Principal’s Letter to Parents 31 March 2021

Return to School Information & Guidance for ALL pupils 12 April 2021

Education Minister Letter to Parents  - 5 March 2021


The Education Minister Peter Weir has confirmed that our Year 12, 13 and 14 students will return to school on Monday 22 March 2021. All students will be required to wear face masks throughout the school day and when travelling to and from school on buses (both school and public-service buses).

Information regarding the return date for other year groups will be announced by the Minister in due course.

Education Minister Letter to Parents 

Covid-19 News Update - 7 January 2021


Following guidance from The Education Minister Mr Weir, learning will continue online for all pupils from Thursday 7th January. During this period, teachers will use a range of methods to deliver materials and lesson content.

A Google Classroom has been set up for each subject including Form Class and these will provide information & guidance, resources, tasks and assessments. Some lessons may also be delivered via other media such as Google Meet. See our guide to Google Classroom for details and technical support. 

Google Classroom Guide

The Education Minister has written to all schools and parents to confirm that all GCSE, AS and A levels examinations have been cancelled for this year. Alternative assessment arrangements will be issued by the examination boards (including CCEA) in due course. Pupils will be kept informed of these arrangements via their Google Classrooms for each subject.

Education Minister Letter to Parents 8 January 2021

Given the current lack of clarity with regard to the awarding of grades for this year, it is vitally important that our students continue to work hard for each subject and to closely adhere to the instructions issued by teachers with regard to work, study and the submission of all work to a high standard.

Our school remains open to facilitate the supervised learning of children of Key Workers. Please contact the school office If you feel your child is eligible to use this facility.

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Test & Trace Protect Flowchart

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Covid-19 Policy Document

Covid 19 Parents Guidance

Remote Learning Routines (Polish)

Remote Learning Routines (English)

Remote Distance Learning Guidance for Parents

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