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Any girl in the school who is interested is welcome to come along to Netball.

Whether you have played before or are just learning netball in your PE class, you are all welcome.

We have teams for all year groups and play and host tournaments for the local Coleraine and District League, Netball NI and NEBSSA

Our Netball teams have a very good track record, winning leagues and tournaments and individual players are often selected to join Development Squads which are the stepping stones to playing for NI.

We run A, B and C teams so everyone gets to play and improve their skills! 

We have had Netball Tours, netball sleepovers (yes! Onesies required to stay in the Sports Hall and the Sports Captains help out with fun and games!)

It’s all about being the best you can be and having fun along the way!

Come give it a go!

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