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Pastoral Care in Loreto College is an expression of the philosophy and vision of the school:

“Education for Wholeness and Dignity”


The College’s pastoral programme strives to provide a secure environment in which to foster the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of our young people.


Aims of Pastoral Care


In view of the changing messages and influences from society, and the need to maximise learning, the College aims to:


  • provide an environment in which students may experience and develop their Catholic faith

  • establish an environment of respect for the dignity of each person in the school

  • develop policies and practices that promote wholeness, dignity, growth and self esteem

  • ensure the fullest development of the unique gifts and qualities of all students

  • increase awareness of the home and local environment in which the students’ broader education takes place

  • identify the school support systems needed for the development of students in terms of wholeness and dignity and/or to deal with problems and difficulties

  • effectively liaise with external agencies in order to support students in any needful situation

  • encourage communication, participation and collaboration between home and school

Teaching and Learning


Our pastoral care programme aims are to provide learning experiences which are relevant and provide progression whilst integrating the most recent literature and educational developments. The modules include a variety of topics: settling into Loreto College; looking after our mental health; cyber safety and netiquette; healthy lifestyles; the positivity project; the five ways to wellbeing and many more. Formal teaching of the programme is delivered by form teachers.


Additional experiences are developed through collapsed timetable events such as: workshops by Action Mental Health; Cancer Focus; the Policing and Community Partnership and many more. All activities delivered by outside agencies are quality assessed before booking and are designed to offer our students a breadth of experience.

The Pastoral System


Heads of Year seek to know each member of their year group and monitor and encourage their development as they progress from Year 8 to Year 14.  The Head of Year works closely with Form Teachers, Senior Staff and parents to provide for the pastoral welfare of all students in his or her care.

Heads of Year 2023-24

Year 8: Mr Liam Shaw

Year 9: Mr Emmett Harkin

Year 10: Mrs Mabel McAleese

Year 11: Mrs Katrina Brolly

Year 12: Mrs Hannah Bradley

Year 13: Mrs Oonagh McEwan

Year 14: Ms Catherine Marron

It is the aim of the Form Teacher to develop a rapport with each member of the form class through regular interviews, the form period and liaison with the class teacher.  Formal teaching of Pastoral Care occurs weekly in Years 8-12. Form teachers aim to interview each member of the form class once a term.


Our Pastoral Centre


Pastoral care is at the route of everything we do at Loreto College. Our dedicated Pastoral Care Centre offers a safe supervised environment where students can access support in a variety of ways. Our Pastoral Centre manager is always on hand to help and offer assistance for those who need it.


Our dedicated counselling space is situated within the centre. The school counsellor visits once a week. Any student can request to see the school counsellor, or they can self-refer via the box in the main foyer.


Our centre is a physical representation of our aims. It strives to promote the five ways to wellbeing in combination with our ethos and vision. We want every student to feel supported on their journey.

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