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What the College strives to achieve stems directly from the Loreto Educational Philosophy. The aim of the College is to create a caring and community environment in which students can grow and mature, spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. To facilitate this growth the College aims to provide a balanced and broadly based curriculum accessible to all students, both in the classroom and in the many extra -curricular activities which the school promotes.

More specifically the College aims to

  • provide the environment in which students may experience and develop the Catholic faith

  • promote understanding of and respect for the faiths, traditions, and cultures of others

  • provide opportunities to pursue excellence in all areas of school life

  • provide students with opportunities to develop initiative, independence, and critical thinking

  • provide opportunities for students to experience enjoyment and a sense of achievement

  • foster a sense of self-esteem

  • prepare students for the world of work and leisure, and guide them in the making of lifestyle decisions within a Christian value framework

  • foster in students a willingness to help others and a desire for a just society

  • educate students as citizens of the world who will aesthetically appreciate and actively protect their environment

  • encourage students to play a full part in the life of their parish and local community

  • encourage the development of physical and manipulative skills in both vocational and leisure contexts

  • create a caring and disciplined environment which provides for the pastoral care of all students in an atmosphere of mutual respect

  • encourage parents to be supportive of the College in the education of their children.

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