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Former Loreto College Student Receives Trinity College Dublin Scholarship

A former student of Loreto College, now a second year student at Trinity College Dublin studying Geography and Geoscience, has won a Trinity Foundation Scholarship.

Anna Morrison attended Loreto College from 2011-2018, and was delighted to be awarded this elite academic scholarship, for which she had to sit exams in January. The scholarship awards her the title of a Trinity Scholar, free tuition to the university, free accommodation, free meals in the Commons and a small annual salary for up to 5 years at Trinity. Anna was one of 73 students and one of two in her course to receive the scholarship, of the hundreds who sat the ‘schols’, obtaining a first in all exams. Anna will now proceed into the third year of her course as a Geoscience scholar.

Anna, who was delighted with her award, paid tribute to her former teachers at Loreto, who had put her on the path to achieving this accolade.

Commenting on behalf of Trinity College Dublin, Dr Patrick Prendergast said: ‘I would like to congratulate all of the students who have been named Scholars this year, we are extremely proud of their hard work and impressive achievements.’

Becoming a Trinity Scholar is a major achievement for which second year students must perform exceptionally well in exams held in January, showing deep knowledge of their subjects. The students continue with their usual course work as well as studying independently for these exams. This year’s Scholars come from a range of disciplines, from Midwifery to Music, Dental Science, Law, Engineering and many more.

On behalf of all the staff and students of Loreto College, Miss Toner congratulated Anna on this tremendous achievement, wishing her every success and happiness as she continues her studies.


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