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Easter Liturgy 2023


As the Spring Term ended, we came together as a school community to reflect on the events of Holy Week. Led by our school liturgist Miss Galbraith, we reflected on the following words:

“We meet many people in the Gospel accounts of Holy week, but the relationship between Jesus and Mary remains one of the most powerful encounters.

It seems, Lord, that you are hard on Mothers. Their children bring them pain and suffering in their arrival into this world and in their departure from it. Mary certainly endures immense sorrow as the events of Holy Week unfold. Yet, with quiet dignity and strong faith, Mother and Son share in the pain of their crosses.

As we enter into the Lord's Passion, I invite each of you to call to mind your own personal crosses that you are carrying in life…we ask Jesus and Mary to share these and all our crosses and help us to always remember that it is only through sharing in Christ’s cross, that we will one day share in the wearing of his crown”.


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