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Mr E. Harkin

Government & Politics is available at Loreto College at AS and A Level.


There are two units at AS and a further two at A2

A joint visit to Stormont as part of the Government & Politics Shared Education project with Coleraine Grammar School.

AS2 The British Political Process September - December

This unit will focus on how Britain is governed and on the inter-relationships of the executive, legislature and judiciary in particular. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the impact of leaving the European Union on the British political process.



AS1 Government and Politics of Northern Ireland January - April

This unit will cover the arrangements for government of Northern Ireland since 1994, the strategies, policies and electoral support of the main Northern Ireland political parties and the political effects of the different electoral systems used in Northern Ireland.

A21 The Government and Politics of the USA/UK comparative September - December

In this unit, students will study the UK and USA. This will enable students to compare the legislative and executive processes in each system. They will compare and contrast the powers of the President and Prime Minister and examine each premier’s relationship with their respective Executive.


A22 Political Power January - April


In A2 2, students study Political Power, which will focus on the concepts of political power, the factors involved in exercising this power, and the basis of political authority, legitimacy and stability.  


As political circumstances evolve so does the course content for Government and Politics. Students will be credited for their knowledge of current political affairs and their application of the course content to contemporary events. Therefore, students are encouraged to keep up to date with current events through reading broad sheet newspapers, surfing the internet*, magazines, news reports etc.


In addition to set tasks students will be equipped with resource booklets that should assist them with their individual study. 

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