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Head of Department
Mrs M McGreevy 

Teaching Staff
Mr L Shaw
Miss H Morren

Mrs A Gormley

“Geography is the subject that holds the key to all our futures” Michael Palin.


We aim to ensure that every pupil has an opportunity to explore, enjoy and engage in the World Around Them. We wish to instil a sense of wonder and adventure, develop an understanding of different cultures and encourage our pupils to interact with the Natural World. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their map and ICT skills, including using Interactive workbooks and GIS.  Fieldwork is an important element of the Geography curriculum and our pupils are provided with opportunities to explore our local environment as well as participate on International Cultural Trips.


  • Links with Royal Meteorology Society (RmetS), we participate in a scheme to hire weather recording equipment such as digital thermometers and anemometers. 

  • Links with University of Ulster, Coleraine. Annual attandance at UU GeoTopics conference

  • Partnerships with Coleraine Grammar School through the Shared Education Programme.

Educational Visits and Trips

We recognise the importance and value of providing pupils with opportunities for learning outside the classroom. With the spectacular North Coast on our doorstep, we are in a privileged position to offer our students many opportunities to study Geography in the field. Pupils enjoy visits to the Giant’s Causeway, Portstewart Strand, Binevenagh Mountain, Carntogher Mountain, Belfast City and Coleraine CBD.

Our Alevel students have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars hosted by the Geographical Association at Queen’s University, and through the Shared Education Programme successful fieldtrips were made to the Titanic Museum. 

Since 2012, The Geography Department has hosted very successful and popular international cultural visits to Iceland, Beijing, Washington DC, New York City and more recently to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.   

“The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it's about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together.” Barack Obama.

What will you study in Geography Class at Loreto?

Key Stage 3 (Y8-Y10)

The emphasis here is to explore the World Around Us through active learning.  Pupils will have 3 classes per week through which Physical, Human and Environmental Geography is studied. Topics covered include NI Geology, Farming, Disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunami’s and Avalanches) Global Warming, Weather, Fairtrade and Aid to name a few.

Mrs McGreevy presents the academic award for KS3 Geography 2023 to Bronagh Hasson year 10.


Key Stage 4 GCSE  (Y11-12) 

 Geography is a popular subject choice at GCSE. We follow the CCEA curriculum;  the new specification has 3 units and the course is modular, so exams are taken at the end of each year.  One important change to the new syllabus is that there will be no coursework or controlled Assessment, instead fieldwork is assessed in a modular exam (unit 3).  Further information on units, topics and FAQ can be found at

Key Stage 5 AS & A2 Level (Y13-14)

As with GCSE, Geography is a very popular subject choice at A Level.  It is considered to be a highly sought after transferable subject by both humanities and science based degrees at university. The Guardian called it a ‘Subject of our times’.

Our results are consistently excellent; 100% pass A*-C (2016-17) with many of our pupils obtaining top grades and awards with CCEA.

The A-Level specification aims to encourage a lifelong interest in Geography, to develop problem solving and decision-making skills, it provides opportunity for students to work as a team and develop independent research skills.
Students will complete topics covering physical, human, environmental and cultural Geography with links to current affairs and real time events.

Assessment consists of 6 external exams, 3 at AS level and 3 at A2 level.
Further information on units, exams, and FAQ can be found at

Useful websites

MinuteEarth (YouTube)
BBC Bitesize Geography
S-cool Geography

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