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Art Artist Workshop with Sarah Carringto
Art Textile workshop with Dr. Eileen Col

Head of Department
Mrs M McGill

Teaching Staff
Miss A O’Brien

Mr I O'Hara

Art and Design is a vibrant and highly successful department where students are introduced to a wide range of media including photography, fine art painting, printmaking, ceramics, digital media, animation and fashion design.

Art & Design is offered to all pupils in Years 8, 9 & 10.  Themes include the visual elements such as line, colour, texture, pattern and form.  A wide range of techniques are introduced giving the pupils opportunities to be creative and imaginative.  Students are encouraged to analysis the work of others and reflect on their own learning.  A particular strength of the department is that it is well connected and recognised within the art community. For example, pupils have had the opportunity to meet and discuss work with Terry Bradley, one of Ireland’s most recognisable and collectable artists. The department also has strong connections with the highly successful landscape painter Sarah Carrington who provides regular workshops.  Our students have been introduced to Textiles, Digital Media and Set Design by industry professionals - giving them a first-hand insight into working within the Creative and Cultural Industries.   Students have also exhibited and sold work through Flowerfield Arts Centre.  Within the department, every child is supported to fulfil their potential and this is reflected in exam grades which are consistently above the Northern Ireland Grammar School average.

Students have achieved notable successes in national competition.

Recent successes include:


  • First ever digital winner in the all-Ireland Texaco Children’s Art competition

  • Winning entries in the Coleraine Art Society School competition.

  • GCSE students’ work selected for inclusion within a public sculpture 

  • Winner at the Digital Media awards, Dublin

Past pupils have gone on to become architects; merchandisers and educators.

The Art & Design department contributes to many areas of school life and we have combined with other subjects in successful joint projects.  School shows, the annual magazine and school liturgies all benefit from the work of the department.

Mrs McGill presents the Young Artist & Designer award to Niamh McGowan year 10.

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