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Head of Biology:
Mrs S McBroom

Head of Chemistry:
Dr J Huddleston

Head of Physics:
Mrs M Close

Head of Junior Science:
Mrs S McBroom



Mrs S Young

Mrs K Mitchel

Mrs M Johnston

KS3 Science in Loreto


KS3 Science is pivotal as this is where we lay down our lifelong interest in Science for our Loreto pupils.  This is the foundation where the love and interest in Science begins. The revised curriculum is now well implemented in years 8-10.   Our dedicated team of science staff approach our KS3 curriculum with enthusiasm and innovation.


We have a group of nine teachers who expertly deliver the junior science curriculum.  Seven units are covered in year 8 and six in both year 9 and 10. 

These units are chosen by each HOD to give a solid foundation to pupils in line with the revised KS3 curriculum and with the GCSE syllabus in mind.

KS3 Teaching Staff:

Mrs K Barras

Mrs K Brolly

Mrs M Close

Mrs R Drumm

Mr E McErlain

Mrs S McBroom
Ms S Mullan

Miss N McGinnity

Science at KS3 is divided up into Biology, Chemistry and Physics units of study

Year 8

1. Safety, apparatus and scientific method

2. Forces

3. Acids and Alkalis

4. Cells

5. Elements, compounds, Mixtures and Separating mixtures.

6. Physics for life

7. Ecology/Ecology practical work

Year 9

  1. Metals, properties, uses, compounds and reactions

  2. Making electricity work

  3. Respiration and Circulation

4. Gases and related environmental issues

5. Nutrition in Animals

6. Trampoline Physics and using mathematics task

Year 10


- taught by a subject specialist in a modular system

Year 10 Biology

Animal reproduction and Genetic

Health and Disease

Practical Activities

Year 10 Chemistry

Atomic Structure

Reactivity Series

Practical Activities

Year 10 Physics



Practical Activities

Mrs McBroom presents the academic award for Science at KS3 to Eoghan Black year 10.


Pupils are examined at Christmas (all three subjects included -one-hour exam) and at the end of the summer term (all three subjects-one-hour exam) and their file of notes is worth 10% in the summer exam.

The practical work covered in year 10 is also used as part of the Loreto ICT accreditation. The level achieved in this along with the science summer result forms part of the results on the Loreto junior certificate.  This is presented at the end of KS3.

Science at KS4 and 5


There are a number of choices that need to be made regarding career choices in year 10 and in year 12 and Loreto are unique in what they allow- we give a wide range of Science options.

KS4 Science

Science Experiment.jpg

The pupil makes these decisions based on their interest in science, how well they cope with the science and their career choice’s.  It is important that they take the right option - in order to study a science subject at AS/A2 level they must study that subject as a Separate Science or as a Double award. 

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life

- Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Open Day


Every year on Open Day we require a number of students to carry out some experiments including dissection of a rat and a heart, food tests, flame tests and using microscopes to look at daphnia (water flea).

If you are an interested scientist in year 8 or 9, you may be chosen to help us out on Open Day, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills to the future p6/7’s!

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