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'Take Five' Mental Health Accreditation For Loreto College

Loreto College has been awarded the prestigious Take Five Mental Health accreditation by the Education Authority of Northern Ireland.

Following an intricate process of initiatives through the course of the 2020-21 school year, Vice Principal Mrs Frances Pepin presented an impressive portfolio of evidence to EA on the mental health initiatives at work in Loreto College throughout the year. This included significant pastoral support for all students and staff members through the Spring Term lockdown period.

Chris Lindsay of EA visited Loreto College on 24th June 2021 to present Mrs Pepin with the Accredited Status award.

Mrs Pepin and all members of the Pastoral Team, including Year Heads and Form Teachers, were congratulated on this wonderful success by Miss Belinda Toner, Principal of Loreto College.

Mrs Pepin commented: ‘Our unique Loreto Ethos is deeply connected to positive mental health and wellbeing: to connect with others in a positive way; to keep learning to better ourselves; to stay active and look after our physical health; to take notice and appreciate the beauty in our world and to give to others whenever we can. Going forward into the new school year, we are looking forward to putting into place even more initiatives to bring mental health to the foreground of all aspects of school life.’

Mrs Frances Pepin (Vice Principal) and some of our students receive the Take Five Accredited Status award from Chris Lindsay of the Education Authority (NI).


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