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Success for Year 8 Biology pupils

The Year 8 students recently took part in a class activity with their Science teachers, where they created a model of a plant or animal cell. There was a tremendous effort made by all classes and the best three designs in each class went towards a Grand Final, at which three winners were chosen. The cells were judged by two Year 14 Biology students, Isobel Healy and Cara McLaughlin.

The winners were:

First place, Neve McGilligan 8E, pictured with her Science teacher Mr E McErlain.

Second place, Jack Rainey 8D, pictured with his Science teacher Ms S Mullan.

Third place, Harry Gregg 8A, pictured with his Science teacher Mrs S McBroom.

All those who took part, and those who won prizes, were congratulated by Mrs Sheila McBroom, Head of Junior Science.


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