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On the evening of 14th September 2022, a Senior Prizegiving and Graduation ceremony was held at Loreto College, to celebrate the Class of 2022, who recently completed their A Level studies at Loreto. Distinguished guests on stage at the event included former Loreto College Principal Miss Belinda Toner, and members of the College’s Board of Governors.

The 2022 Prizegiving ceremony was a break from tradition, as the College wished to formally recognise and celebrate properly the tremendous achievements of every member of the 2022 Year 14 students. This group of outstanding young people has achieved so much, demonstrating qualities of resilience and determination throughout a series of challenges in their senior years. The entire class of 2022, along with parents and other family members, were welcomed back to the College to celebrate everything they had achieved, notwithstanding the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Between them, the Year 14 students of 2022 achieved Loreto College’s best ever A Level results. 53% of all grades achieved were A*-A, while 81% of all grades were A*-B. 25% of Loreto’s Year 14 students achieved three straight A grades or better in their A Level examinations. Among these results, there were some very impressive individual performances, with four students achieving three A* grades or better.

These outstanding academic achievements were recognised with prizes, and with all members of the year group receiving a Graduation certificate and trophy. Awards given out on the night also recognised the outstanding personal, inter-personal and extra-curricular achievements of many members of the class of 2022. Awards were presented for excellence in music, sport, Commitment and Spirit, Contribution to the School and outside communities, Joy, outstanding contribution through membership of the Sixth Form Council, and outstanding contribution to the Loreto Ethos.

The guest speaker at the event was former Loreto College Principal Miss Belinda Toner, who had been the guiding light for the class of 2022 as their Principal throughout their A Level years. Miss Toner spoke inspirationally about her own life experience, the joy and satisfaction gained from her 38-year teaching career in Loreto College, and her hopes and aspirations for the outstanding members of the class of 2022. New Loreto Principal Mr Stephen Gallagher commended the students on their successes and urged them to continue to aim high and dream on the grand scale, presenting a comprehensive summary of the events and achievements of the 2021-22 school year in order to illustrate what can be done once again with the gradual release of Covid-19 restrictions. Both Miss Toner and Mr Gallagher paid tribute to the students themselves, their parents and families and the members of the teaching and support staff, who had all worked hard and in partnership to secure these outstanding results and exciting plans for the future.

The evening concluded with speeches of reminiscence, thanks and good wishes from the 2021-22 Head Girl, Anna McGinley, and Head Boy, Adam Lawlor, as well as thanks and appreciation from their 2022-23 successors, Eva McBride and Peter McCool.

With a new academic year well underway at Loreto College, all the College’s students are urged and encouraged to be inspired by the success of the Class of 2022, to work as hard as possible and follow ambitious aspirations. The successes of other senior year groups will be celebrated as the term continues. The Loreto Prayer, familiar to all Loreto College students, states that every day is ‘full of promise and opportunity’; Loreto students are urged and encouraged to use this promise and opportunity to the very best of their ability every day.


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