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The annual Key Stage 3 Prizegiving was held at Loreto College on Tuesday 27th June, rewarding the College’s Junior students for their academic, personal, community, sporting and extra-curricular achievements through the course of the year.

Welcoming the Year 8-10 pupils, and their teachers, to the Prizegiving, Vice Principal Mrs Frances Pepin commented on the wonderful wealth of achievement during the 2022-2023 academic year, by all students present. College Principal Mr Stephen Gallagher commented that all students were truly prizewinners, in that they had all learned, progressed, and contributed to school life in so many different ways.

Mr Gallagher outlined some of the highlights of the school year just ending. This summary included some of the community, academic, cultural, musical, fundraising and sporting achievements of the Year 8-10 students since September. Mr Gallagher urged the students to make a pledge to try something new next year, and to engage fully in the school’s rich extra-curricular programme, where they could learn many skills and new things, just as much as they could learn in the classroom. He also urged students to get involved in the life and activities of their local communities, sports clubs, and parishes. In particular, Mr Gallagher commended the students for getting involved in giving back in order to help others: the Year 8-10 pupils played a huge part in the generous fundraising for the school’s designated charities this year, as well as getting involved in the life of the school community, for instance through membership of the Student Council.

Mr Gallagher paid tribute to the staff of the College: the members of the teaching staff, the support staff, classroom assistants, technicians, office staff, canteen staff and the caretaking and grounds staff, all of whom have contributed so much to the students’ experience of life at Loreto College this year, as every year.

The prizes were distributed following the speeches, rewarding the students for academic success, academic progress, personal and interpersonal qualities, success in specific subjects and extra-curricular activities, and culminating in the annual End of KS3 Special Awards.

Year 8 Form Class Awards with Head of Year - Mr E. Harkin

Year 9 Progress Awards with Head of Year - Mrs McAleese

Year 10 Diligence awards - with Head of Year - Mrs Brolly


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