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A special Prizegiving ceremony to recognise achievement by the GCSE class of 2020 was held in the school on Monday 28th September.

The Year 12 students of 2020 have already begun their Key Stage 5 studies, with most opting to remain at Loreto College to study for A levels, and some moving on to other schools or colleges. Our Principal Miss Toner paid tribute to all the students for their hard work throughout their GCSE studies, their exemplary conduct and the very positive attitude they had shown throughout the difficult circumstances of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The students achieved outstanding GCSE results, and these were celebrated with each student receiving a certificate of completion of their Key Stage 4 studies. The 47 students who had achieved six A grades or better were presented with medals and certificates to mark the excellent standard they had reached across all their subjects.

A number of special awards were also presented. The Principal’s Award, for outstanding achievement at GCSE was presented to Anna McGinley, who attained a magnificent 12 A* grades. The Joy Award was presented to Mary Doran, and the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Loreto Ethos in the GCSE years was presented to Tori Colson-Rice and Adam Lawlor.

Miss Toner, Principal and Mrs Frances Pepin, Vice Principal (who had been the students’ Head of Year from Years 8-12) paid tribute to all the award-winners, congratulating them on everything they had achieved and encouraging them to bring the determination they had shown to bear in their A Level studies as their progress through Year 13-14 continues.

Year 13 students who received awards based on their outstanding GCSE results.

Year 13 students who received awards for attaining 6 A* grades or better at GCSE.

Loreto College Principal’s Award winner, Anna McGinley.

Loreto College Ethos Prize winners, Tori Colson-Rice and Adam Lawlor.

Loreto College Joy Award winner, Mary Doran.

Year 13 Students who received some of the Special Awards at this year’s Senior Prizegiving.


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