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On Thursday 15th December, the College hosted our Christmas Carol Service for all our students during the school day, and for families and friends in the evening. Led by Miss Galbraith, our school liturgist, we had the opportunity to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas. We listened with joy to the Christmas story and prayed as a community for God's blessing on anyone experiencing difficulties due to sorrow or distress; for hope. With the direction of Mr McCann, Head of Music and his department, Mrs Brown and Mrs Sharkey, the choirs and musicians showed a wealth of talent, and the carols added so much to our liturgical celebration. Mrs Close and the traditional group also participated, adding further variety to our music. We would like to thank all the families and friends of Loreto, who gathered with us in the evening for our Carol Service, which had a wonderful atmosphere, and certainly helped prepare us all for the warmth of the Christmas season.


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