Pupils in Years 8-10 study a vibrant, varied curriculum providing as wide an experience as possible.  In their form class groups, the pupils study the following subjects every week, with lesson totals based on a typical Year 8 timetable:


English (5 periods per week)

Mathematics (5 periods per week)

Science (5 periods per week)

Religious Education (6 periods per week)

Geography (3 periods per week)

History (3 periods per week)

ICT (2 periods per week)

Physical Education (2 periods per week)


The pupils also choose two languages from:

French (3 periods per week)

Irish (3 periods per week)

Spanish (3 periods per week)


In smaller groups (maximum class size of 20), the pupils also study:

Art & Design


Home Economics 



Curriculum KS3 1.jpg
Curriculum KS3 2.jpg

In addition to this, one period per week in Year 8 is spent in the School Library. Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to go swimming (Coleraine Leisure Centre) once a fortnight.  All Y8-10 pupils have a Form Period each week, a Learning for Life and Work period each week and gather together as a form class every morning for Registration or Assembly.  



Pupils entering Year 8 are assessed using GL’s Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) to allow for appropriate arrangements for banding, and setting in certain subject areas.  


Along with Cross Curricular Skills, Communication, Application of Number and ICT, Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities will be incorporated into subject areas.