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Head of Department
Mrs O McEwan (KS3/KS4/KS5)

Teaching Staff
Mrs Aine Crawford. (KS3)
Miss Amy O’Brien (KS3)

“If you tell me,
 I will listen;

 If you show me
 I will see;

 If you let me experience
 I will understand” 
- Lao Tzu


Drama is an art, a practical ability and an integrated discipline.  It involves the creation of imagined characters and situations.  A performance arts education which begins with play which may eventually include all the elements of theatre.  Performance arts should enable our young people to make sense of the world.  Drama is taught to all pupils in year 8, 9 and 10 for two periods every fortnight in Yr 9 and two periods per week in Yr8 and Yr10. Drama can  also be used as a learning medium across the curriculum.

Drama lessons will see pupils exploring an idea in improvisation and articulating it in dramatic form.  Through this process pupils will learn about the issues and dilemmas they are exploring but also how to manipulate the language of drama. We want to encourage the children to explore ideas creatively and take risks; we want to give them a freedom to learn.

Students follow a structured course and some schemes of work will deal with and address social and personal issues such as bullying, racism, drug abuse, parent/teenage relationships.  We also explore theatre in a practical context including contemporary as well as historical plays.

Mrs McEwan presents  the Drama Awards 2023 to:  


Year 8 Drama Awards:    Joshua Traynor  and  Michaela McCann 8G


Year 9 students - Patrick Stewart, Abigail Martin,  Doireann Campbell 

Drama GCSE

  • There are three components: two internally assessed (60%) and one externally assessed (40%).

  • All assessment is completed at the end of the course.

  • The specification aims to encourage students to develop a personal interest in drama, to engage actively in the process of dramatic study, to work imaginatively and creatively in collaboration with their peers, to analyse their own work and the work of others, and to develop and demonstrate competence in their chosen pathway of acting or design.

  • The specification offers opportunities to build on the learning experiences from Key Stage 3 and to develop the Cross-Curricular Skills and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities at Key Stage 4.

  • A range of support material is available, including specimen assessment materials, exemplar planning frameworks and teacher and student guidance on controlled assessment.


Component 1: Devised Performance

Controlled assessment – a performance or a design presentation, and a student log(first assessment Summer 2019)

Component 2: Scripted Performance

Controlled assessment – a performance or a design presentation (first assessment Summer 2019)

Component 3: Knowledge and Understanding of Drama

External written examination – 1 hour 30 minutes, three questions based on one set text(first assessment Summer 2019)


Students will

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of drama;

  • have opportunities to explore and develop confidence and competence in acting or design, or both;

  • work together in groups to create, develop and realise their ideas for an audience; and

  • develop a range of skills that provide a basis for progression to further study or employment.


Jobs directly related
Actor, Stage manager, Arts administrator, Drama teacher, Drama therapist, Television Production Assistant, Radio Presenter

Jobs where drama will be helpful
Sales, Youth and community worker, Personnel manager, Social worker, Journalist, Law, Marketing manager, Charities administrator, any job where you work with the public.






Component 1: Devising 

Non-examination assessment

40% of the qualification

Content overview

  • Devise an original performance piece.

  • Use one key extract from a performance text and a theatre practitioner as stimuli.

  • Centre choice of text and practitioner.

  • Performer or designer routes available.


Component 2: Text in Performance 

Non-examination assessment

20% of the qualification

Content overview

  • A group performance/design realisation of one key extract from a performance text.

  • A monologue or duologue performance/design realisation from one key extract from a different performance text.

  • Centre choice of performance texts.

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice

Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes

40% of the qualification

Content overview

  • Live theatre evaluation – choice of performance.

  • Practical exploration and study of a complete performance text – focusing on how this can be realised for performance.

  • Practical exploration and interpretation of another complete performance text, in light of a chosen theatre practitioner – focusing on how this text could be reimagined for a contemporary audience.

  • Centre choice of 15 performance texts from two lists on the next page.

  • Choice of eight practitioners.


Assessment overview


Jobs directly related
Actor, Stage Manager, Arts administrator, Drama teacher, Drama therapist, television production, radio presenter.

Jobs where drama will be helpful
Sales, youth and community worker, personnel manager, social worker, journalist, law, marketing manager, charities administrator, any job where you work with the public.

Skills developed when studying drama
Acting, design, directorial, interpretative, creative thinking, critical evaluation, literacy, negotiating, organising, planning presentation, research, teamwork, working to deadlines.


Students Ready for A Level Practical Exam

Extra Curricular Activities

The Drama department will extend the curriculum beyond that offered in timetabled sessions.

1. There will be opportunities for pupils to pursue work over a longer time than usual within a lesson.
2. There will be opportunities to undertake work normally encountered in the timetable
3. There will be opportunities for visitors / specialists to work with the pupils
4. There will be opportunities to see productions
5. There will be auditions and performances
6. There will be opportunities to work with other year groups

Extra Curricular Rehearsals

The department offer rehearsals
Monday 3:15 - 4:10
Tuesday 3:15 - 4:10
Wednesday 3:15 - 4:10
Thursday 3:15 - 4:10

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