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Year 8 Employability Day


All Year 8 students took part in a half-day Employability workshop on Thursday 21st October.

The school’s Employability Coordinator, Mrs McNicholl, created new resources for the event, with an increased emphasis on careers and the career routes Year 8 could take into a variety of jobs. Mrs McNicholl paid tribute to everyone who took part: ‘The Year 8 form teachers were so kind in agreeing to deliver these and they did a great job, all very enthusiastic. The students really enjoyed the activities and the Lucky Dip Prizes too.’

The learning intentions for the session were:

  • Identify personal strengths, skills, achievements and interests.

  • Examine how these contribute to a sense of self-worth

  • Discuss the broad range of different jobs/careers and appreciate that people often have more than one career during their life time.

  • Recognise a variety of routes into careers (e.g. college, apprenticeships, university)

  • Explore what job you might like to do when you grow up and what skills you will need to achieve this.

  • List positive things about ourselves and our achievements

  • Set goals to help achieve personal outcomes

  • Identify the type of job you might like to do when you are older.

Mrs McNicholl added, ‘The pupils were aspirational, it was so refreshing! We have pupils wanting to be Olympians, landscapers, professional footballers, paediatricians, astronauts, vets and much more.’

Congratulations to Mrs McNicholl, the Year 8 Form Teachers, Head of Year 8 Mrs McAleese and to all the Year 8 students on an exciting morning!


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